Game of TAPO – Summer is coming

Game of TAPO – Summer is coming

Once upon a time, there we were, a group of characters. A group of young souls, free minds and smiling faces. Travelers. We started our journey with one desire: to experience the genuine feeling. We found ourselves in this magical set up, craving for the Sea.

Once upon a time, there we were. We called ourselves TAPOs. Travelers, Adventurous, Passionate and Open-minded people.

In the FIRST day, the TAPOs decided to start their journey, embracing the madness smoothly, dancing to the music of the night.

In the SECOND day, they touched the sand. So soft. And the waves; sparkling. Never too close, never the same; never really leaving.

The vibe grew, more and more. They started tasting the feeling, more and more. And they found themselves watching the sunrise, as savage as they used to be, free, sharing the same powerful love.

In the THIRD day, they got the genuine feeling.

Now we have it all. We're ready to start the real GAME. [Summer] is coming.

This is our story.

Welcome back home! Welcome to the feeling!

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