Lori Ciobotaru & Band Live @ Tapo Mamaia

Lori Ciobotaru & Band Live @ Tapo Mamaia

Where there's no passion, there's no substance, no reason to be happy.
Now, we set the rules!
We start our summer together. Celebrating the things we are crazy about!
It could be a soulmate, our own self, the waves or the music that makes us dance till the morning comes...
Whatever it is, it's ours and we will make it count.

Her voice gives us reasons not only to move, but to feel. This 3rd of June is about them, Lori Ciobotaru & Band, about us, TAPO family, about a never ending summer and great moments.

Let's make it count!

Pre-Sale Bar Tickets - 30 lei*
On entrance Bar Tickets - 50 lei*
Table Booking - 50 lei
VIP Table Booking - 100 lei (food menu included)

*Subject to availability.
**All prices are per person.

For Booking and Inquiries Please Contact us here!

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